Shot in our fully equipped TV studio in Gateshead (just south of Newcastle), it airs on the Made network, an independent group broadcasting in Tyne & Wear, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff. The show began transmission in January, 2015, and the ratings were such that they have now risen to an incredible 270,000 over the course of 4 series’. This, for a format that began as a small gem in Dan’s’ mind; beginning life as an online-only show, is an remarkable achievement, and the ratings continue to grow as the brand gains traction nationally.

Some of the past artists featured on the show have gone on to do huge things including; Ubeat Music Award ‘Act of the Year’ winner; Courtney Dixon who has recently finished writing and recording her debut album and music video in Texas with renowned producers and directors. The Waiters, who won 'Best Band' and are now about to engage on their first major UK tour after supporting Ed Sheeren. And Nick Celino who was nominated for 'Best Solo Male’ at our awards ceremony, and is currently working on new music in LA with Lana Del Ray’s production team.

It was natural progression for the brand to then go on and stage the first ever music awards ceremony in the region, called the “UBEAT MUSIC AWARDS”. A by-product of the television series. The night was an enormous success, with the “UBEAT” brand winning unparalleled acclaim across social media – not to mention Newcastle’s top-selling local newspaper, The Evening Chronicle. thousands of tweets and comments, before-after-and-during, were received from those who had won an award, those who had been nominated, and their fans who became ours overnight.

It was at this point that the “UBEAT” brand had become a well-sought after credential for artists and bands to acquire to print on their resumes. It had grown to that point where it was recognised as an indicator of outstanding, brand new talent, and superb music production.

To conclude, the vision for “UBEAT”, and the plan of its team, is to ultimately become the first and only avenue of exposure unsigned artists think of when trying to break into the music industry. At the same time, we also want it to be the one brand the public consider, when searching for new and emerging music.​

Recently voted The North of England’s Leading Emerging Music Platform, “UBEAT” as a brand has the element that other music platforms don’t. Not only are we devoted to bringing new and distinctive artists to the public, our business model encompasses television, online and live events.

With our own fresh, lighthearted, and established weekly TV programme “UBEAT TV”, dedicated to showcasing original, contemporary material from the North East of England’s bustling music scene. Created by one of the UK’s most promising producer/presenters, Dan Charles, the series serves as the only leading emerging music platform in the North that allows local people to showcase their skills and talent, build on their fanbase, and promote their music. Not only on a local level, but due too the massive celebrity and press interest, on a nation and potentially international level too. It gives the North East a place on the map in the music industry. And provided’s a platform to give them well deserved recognition that was never there before.