UBEAT TV” is an established music programme, dedicated to showcasing original, contemporary material from the North East of England’s bustling music scene. Created by one of the UK’s most promising producer/presenters, Dan Charles, the series serves as the only leading emerging music platform in the North.

Shot in our filly equipped studio in Gateshead (just south of Newcastle), it airs on the Made network, an independent group broadcasting in Tyne & Wear, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff. The show began transmission in January, 2015, and the ratings were such that they have now risen to an incredible 270,000 over the course of 4 series’. This, for a format that began as a small gem in Dan’s’ mind; beginning life as an online-only show, is an remarkable achievement, and the ratings continue to grow as the brand gains traction nationally.

The format of the programme is simple. Each week, 2 acts whose roots or residence lie within the North East, are invited to perform 2 original tracks of their own. Their work is played-out to the audience, while Dan sits them down on the programme’s signature red sofa, to talk about their creation. While topics such as the artist’s upcoming plans (gigs, singles and albums) are covered, the lively, relaxed nature of Dan lends the chats a down-to-earth quality that the performers respond to. It lead’s to a highly-entertaining segments, plenty of laughter, yet still allowing viewers to learn about the performers and their goals in achieving great things in the music business. 

As a result, the format attracts hundreds of aspiring singers, songwriters and bands – all looking to bring exposure to their new work; all veering for a spot on the programme. It’s proven to become a fun, light-hearted vehicle because of that, and a distinctive one; celebrating emerging talent from various genres to display an electric mix of music.